Better business by design
Eye-catching designs that will get you noticed.

Websites, posters, logos and more.

"Design is thinking made visual..."

Imagery can influence an audience's perception of your business, product or brand. Give your customers the right image from the start, with professionally designed promotional literature, business stationery and a website that says We see what you want, We listen to what you want, We give you what you want...let's do business!






Based in Cumbria, ju-ju provide design solutions for both screen and print to small businesses who want to reach a wider audience and portray a more professional image to their clients.

We want to help businesses like yours grow and prosper through the use of effective design.


At ju-ju we understand that your business needs to stand out from the crowd. Good design is about sending the right message and communicating that message clearly and effectively, in an eye-catching way.

Whether you are a new business looking to create an identity or an existing business looking to rebrand or promote your product or service, we will work with you towards an innovative and exciting result that is perfect for your business needs.


Do you want a website but not sure where to start?

A website is crucial in making a positive first impression for your prospective customers. It is important for your website to be well designed and appealing in both content and appearance.

At ju-ju, we are confident that, through understanding your business, we will develop a website that you can be proud of and ultimately one that will help your business to flourish.

ju-ju - forward thinking graphic design, corporate branding, illustration, image-editing and web design.
We see We listen We give